37 Signals/Signal vs. Noise

  • ExpandYesterday The Worst Performance Review
  • ExpandDear Jeff
  • ExpandPostmortem on the read-only outage of Basecamp on November 9th, 2018
  • ExpandBasecamp 3 for Android: The Latest and Greatest
  • ExpandUpdate on Basecamp 3 being stuck in read-only as of Nov 8, 9:22am CST
  • ExpandOur book launch was botched and it’s been crazy at work trying to fix it
  • ExpandListener questions, answered
  • ExpandPeople, Not Robots: Bringing the Humanity Back to Customer Support

Wired News

.net magazine


  • ExpandToday Google Assistant iOS update lets you say ’Hey Siri, OK Google’
  • ExpandToday Drone.io, Packet team on free continuous delivery service for open source developers
  • ExpandToday Facebook appeals UK data watchdog’s £500K Cambridge Analytica fine
  • ExpandToday Affetto is the wild-boy-head robot of your nightmares
  • ExpandToday Amazon admits it exposed customer email addresses, but refuses to give details
  • ExpandToday CV Compiler is a robot that fixes your resume to make you more competitive
  • ExpandToday Quantum Machines raises $5.5M to build control and operational layer for quantum computers
  • ExpandToday Facebook failed to stop a child bride being auctioned on its platform

TED Talks

  • ExpandToday Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu win Tech in Journalism Award and more TED news
  • ExpandRadical Craft: An electrifying evening of talks from the TED World Theater
  • ExpandThe Next Wave: A night of talks from TED and Zebra
  • ExpandNew writing from Casey Gerald, Stephen Hawking’s final book and more TED news
  • ExpandUnconventional ideas: A night of talks from TED and the Brightline Initiative
  • ExpandTitus Kaphar and Vijay Gupta named MacArthur Fellows, a musical tribute to #MeToo and other TED news
  • ExpandRemembering Paul Allen
  • ExpandReboot: The talks of TED@BCG

A List Apart

  • ExpandBraces to Pixels
  • ExpandTags to DOM
  • ExpandFrom URL to Interactive
  • ExpandServer to Client
  • ExpandWriting for Designers
  • ExpandDesigning for Cognitive Differences
  • ExpandThe FAQ as Advice Column
  • ExpandThe Psychology of Design

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