37 Signals/Signal vs. Noise

  • ExpandWhy we don't speak up at work
  • ExpandThe Distance goes tiki
  • ExpandContest: Two Free 3-Day Passes to Pitchfork Music Festival
  • ExpandTalking with a UbiDuo
  • ExpandCrossing Streams
  • ExpandOne-hit wonder
  • ExpandWhat Jamis left behind... for us.
  • ExpandIt's OK not to use tools

Wired News

.net magazine

  • ExpandQuick and dirty usability testing
  • ExpandHeffalumps and user experience
  • ExpandClare Sutcliffe on teaching kids to code
  • ExpandEmbrace failure
  • ExpandCreate slick HTML5 animations
  • ExpandMake HTML5 apps with Sencha, part two
  • Expand10 tips for HTML5 games development
  • ExpandFive killer ways to use minimalism


  • ExpandToday Disrupt Alum Trello Takes In $10.3M For Its Visual To-Do Lists
  • ExpandToday Essence Group Holdings Raises $71 Million For Population Health Management Services
  • ExpandToday QBlinks Is A Multi-Use Remote Control And Notification Center For Your iPhone
  • ExpandToday Vingle Lets You Mingle With People Who Share Your Interests
  • ExpandToday Easy Location-Sharing App Jink Is Kind To Your Smartphone’s Battery
  • ExpandToday Matter Lets You Add And Edit 3D Objects In Your Photographs
  • ExpandToday Microsoft Says It Isn’t Abandoning Xbox Music, Promises It Will Suck Less Shortly
  • ExpandToday Life On Kim Kardashian’s D-List

TED Talks

  • ExpandA sci-fi film with its eyes on reality: Watch the deleted scene from “I Origins” that fe
  • ExpandA perpetual tourist who makes his own souvenirs: The intriguing work of artist Jorge Mañes Rubio
  • ExpandWhy TED takes two weeks off every summer
  • Expand5 things you think about Fargo, North Dakota — that you shouldn’t
  • Expand10 tips on how to make slides that communicate your idea, from TED’s in-house expert
  • ExpandFun and nerdy field trips: TEDx Adventures take to the streets
  • ExpandPoll: How introverted are you? The results.
  • ExpandThe Terrorist’s Son: A powerful trailer for the new TED Book

A List Apart

  • ExpandToday Matt Griffin on How We Work: Being Profitable
  • ExpandYesterday Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps
  • ExpandThis week's sponsor: Bigstock
  • ExpandLaura Kalbag on Freelance Design: I Don’t Like It
  • ExpandKids 4–6: “The Muddy Middle”
  • ExpandLongform Content with Craft Matrix
  • ExpandNishant Kothary on the Human Web: In Pursuit of Facebook Happiness
  • ExpandStructuring a New Collaborative Culture

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