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  • ExpandToday Objects I Use(d): The Suicide-Committing Jawbone Jambox
  • ExpandToday True I.D. Stories #33: The Entrepreneur, Part 3 - A Rude Awakening in China
  • ExpandToday The Quick, Easy, Dangerous Way to Get a Washing Machine to Disassemble Itself for Recycling
  • ExpandToday D-School Futures: Carnegie Mellon's Wayne Chung on Training Designers to Solve Wicked Problems
  • ExpandToday Introducing 'D-School Futures,' Our Interview Series on the Evolution of Industrial Design Education
  • ExpandToday Presenting the Core77 September 2014 Education Special
  • ExpandYesterday Open Air Neighborhood: Co-Creating Outdoor Spaces for All
  • ExpandYesterday Unusual Storage Design, Part 3: Small Parts Storage with Twist Tubes


  • ExpandBook a spot in the Sahara to plant your tree: Tree-Nation
  • ExpandNo walls, reused materials, but a real fitness club
  • ExpandFrench mailmen to ride electric vehicle
  • ExpandBicodi, a simple and aesthetic stool for your bar
  • ExpandEn-Fer: Solid furnitures made from solid gears
  • ExpandOnce worn, cardboard boxes turn blankets
  • ExpandYour carpet, this wool balls piece of art
  • ExpandPump bike tires up with the seatpost
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  • ExpandConversations about Reimagining Cities
  • ExpandSXSW PanelPicker Now Open - Vote for frog!
  • Expand为产品设计"心智模型"
  • Expand(不)完美的奇点:数字外表的谬论
  • ExpandCode the Future
  • ExpandCrises, Conflict, and Data: Creating an Open Platform for Humanitarians
  • Expand用传感数据洞悉世界
  • ExpandGoogle's Material Design Video Recreated in Keynote

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