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  • ExpandThe Phylogenetic Atelier: Would your wear clothes made of the skin of de-extinct species?
  • ExpandGaming Masculinity. Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Gendered Battle for Online Culture
  • ExpandVapour Meat: a helmet to vape the essence of ‘clean meat’
  • ExpandA bodily experience of man-made earthquakes
  • ExpandHandbook of Tyranny: a guide to everyday cruelties
  • ExpandK-9_topology, on the human/ dog co-evolution. An interview with Maja Smrekar
  • ExpandCellout.me: What does it mean to own someone else’s DNA data?
  • ExpandPolitics of Design: critical positions from FH Potsdam


  • ExpandYesterday Web Archives' Photoshop Moment
  • Expand3 days 'Reigns: Her Majesty': an exercise in strategy, female ambition, and the long game
  • Expand3 days First Look: Whispering Pines 10
  • ExpandOnline Within Limits
  • ExpandDraw me like one of your French AI-generated nudes
  • ExpandOn the Edge of Google
  • ExpandBlack Pyrotechnics: On the New in 'New Black Portraitures'
  • ExpandWhat Will I Be When I Grow Up? A Production Company

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